Student Visa

Student Visa 

Foreign Nationals who want to study in Canada must apply for a student permit if your program is more than 6 months. The program must be from a designated learning institute in Canada. The applicant must prove that you have he/she has:

• Enough money to pay for tuition fees, living expense
• No criminal record
• Good health
• Enough ties to return to home country

As a student permit holder, you are allowed to work without applying for a work permit. These conditions are based from the times you are required to and the length of time you are in school. For example, for the seasons that you need to be fulltime in school, you can only work part time. For holiday season, for example Christmas break or summer break, you are allowed to work full time hours.
It is essential that you abide by the conditions of the student permit to prevent having problems in the future. The rules are:

• Stop working if you are no longer a student
• Stop studying if you no longer meet the requirements
• Leave Canada if your permit is expired

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Student Direct Stream

For the student direct stream, specific countries have fast track process time. IRCC has specified these countries to speed up student applications coming from these countries. The following countries are:

• China
• India
• Morocco
• Pakistan
• Philippines
• Senegal
• Vietnam

Applicant must have the following to be eligible

• Acceptance letter from a post-secondary DLI
• Proof of tuition fee full payment for the year
• Have a Guaranteed Investment Certificate of $10,000 CAD
• Medical exam
• Police Cetificate
• Recent transcripts
• Proof of language of at least scores of 6.0 or higher
• Other supporting documents may be asked

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