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Edmonton Immigration Consultants

Express Visa Canada has extensive experience with all types of immigration cases. We take pride in our Certified Immigration consultant, member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council and our Associates that can give you the best service with your immigration needs.
We are committed to helping you find the best option for you to be able to achieve your Canadian Dream, be it in Express Entry, Provincial Nominee, Family Sponsorship, Caregiver or any permanent residency stream. If you are interested in Working, Studying or Visiting Canada, our staff is dedicated to helping you with your application.
Our associates from the PHILIPPINES, QATAR, SAUDI ARABIA, UAE and UNITED STATES can also assist you. With the help of technology, we are able to help clients remotely in any other country, rest assured that we will give the same experience with all of our clients anywhere in the world.

Edmonton Immigration Consultants

Express Entry

Express Entry is an immigration program that Canada is offering to candidates who want to obtain Permanent Residency in Canada.

Visit Canada

Explore the wonders that Canada has to offer. Experience our Arctic Cold Winters, Flourishing Springs, Enchanting Fall and Sun-sational Summers.

Work in Canada

Due to the Shortage of skilled workers in Canada, Foreign nationals are always welcome to work in Canada.

Student Visa

Canada’s Education System has ranked, top 3 in the World. If you are looking into the best Education, Canada is the best destination for you.

Provincial Nominee

The 10 provinces in Canada has its own unique procedure for applicants who want to reside in a specific province or territory.

Start-up Visa

This program targets entrepreneurs that have the intent to immigrate to Canada and build a business that will create jobs in Canada.

Family Sponsorship

Canada’s priority is for families to be reunited in Canada. Find out how to sponsor your family members.


This program is built for self-employed persons in a cultural or athletic relevant experience.
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Edmonton Immigration Consultant

Express Visa Canada – Voted the Best Edmonton Immigration Consultant* * * * *



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