Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program

The 10 provinces in Canada have their own unique procedure for applicants who want to reside in a specific province or territory. Every province has different eligibility standards and qualifications that fit its economic needs. The applicants must express their interest in residing in the province/territory (some have residency obligation), have a full-time job in an eligible occupation and the province/territory believes that they are able to contribute to the economic development of the province or territory. They will need to qualify applicants based on their Age, Language, Education, Work Experience, Arrange Employment and Adaptability. Below are the provinces and their prerequisites to qualify for nomination:

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Alberta Opportunity Stream, Alberta Express Entry Stream and Self-Employed Farmer Stream


• Must have an active Express Entry Profile and have a score of a minimum score of 300 on the Comprehensive Ranking System

• Have a declaration of interest in immigrating permanently to Alberta

• Are working in an occupation that satisfies Alberta’s requirements based on their economic needs

• May have an Alberta job offer and/or work experience

• May have a Canadian post- secondary credential

• May have an immediate family that is living in Alberta

LMIA may be required, where applicable

• Proof of Funds may be required, where applicable

Skilled Immigration, Express Entry BC, Entrepreneur Immigration


• Must have a full-time job offer from a BC employer and be able to perform the main duties of the job

• Must have at least 2 years work related experience

• Proof of funds

• Must have legal status in Canada

• Must meet Language requirements based on the job classification (NOC 0, A B, C or D)

• Must have a wage offer in accordance to the BC wage rate for the occupation

• Are working in an occupation that satisfies BC’s requirements based on their economic needs

• May require education credentials from an eligible post-secondary institute in Canada for the past 3 years, where applicable

Manitoba Skilled Workers in Manitoba, Skilled workers Overseas

• Must submit an Expression of interest and will be ranked based on language ability, education, work experience and adaptability

• May require family ties in the province, education or work experience in the province

Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway, Farm Investor Pathway

• Minimum 3 years of full-time work experience (ownership and/or operational experience) in the past 5 years (Business owners have higher points)

• Minimum Language proficiency of CLB/NCLC 5 (for Entrepreneur Pathway only)

• Minimum Educational level or equivalent Canadian High School Certificate

• Age allocation for candidates between 25 to 49 years of age

• Minimum Investment $150,000 for Entrepreneur and at least $300,000 for Farming

• Must have a Business plan

• Your spouse’s credentials may be credited for additional points (For Entrepreneur Only)

• Must conduct Farm Business Research Visit (For Farming only)

• Minimum net worth $500,000

New Brunswick Skilled Workers, Entrepreneurial, Post- Graduate Entrepreneurial, Employers Hiring Foreign Workers


• Points will be awarded based on Age (22-55), Language, Education, Work Experience, Arranged Employment and Adaptability (spouse’s credentials and/or relative living in New Brunswick)

• Net worth of at least $ 600,000 or greater and $300,000 of it is transferable and is clear of debt  (For Entrepreneur Only)

Newfoundland and Labrador: Express Entry Skilled Worker, Skilled Worker, International Graduate, International Entrepreneur, International Graduate Entrepreneur


• Points will be awarded based on Age (22-55), Language, Education, Work Experience, Arranged Employment and Adaptability (how well the applicant is likely to settle in Canada)

• Must have a guaranteed employment offer or valid work permit for international skilled workers

• Must have graduated from a recognized post-secondary educational institute in Canada (for international students only)

• Must meet language proficiency level depending on NOC level (at least CLB 4 or higher)

Nova Scotia


• Must have a Letter of Interest from Nova Scotia Office of Immigration

• Criteria based on Age, Language, Education, Work Experience, Arrange Employment and Adaptability still needs to be factored in the application

• Must have an active profile in the Express Entry Pool

• Must have settlement funds

• Must have a valid immigration status

Ontario (Foreign Worker Stream, International Student Stream, In-Demand Stream)

• Must have a valid job offer with a full-time and a permanent position

• Work Experience must be Skill Type 0 or Skill Levels A or B of at least 2 years of paid full-time or equivalent

• At least 9 months for professions specified on their In-Demand list

• Must have a valid license for the job, where applicable

• Educational criteria must be a Canadian degree or diploma or equivalent with at least 2 years completion for International Student Stream

• At least Canadian Secondary Highschool diploma or equivalent for In-Demand Stream

• Must meet Language proficiency levels of at least CLB 4 or higher

• Must have intention to live in Ontario

• Must have a legal status

• Employers will also need to be qualified and certain requirements need to be met

• Proof of funds may be required where applicable

Ontario (Master’s Degree Graduate Stream, PhD Graduate Stream)

• Must have a master’s degree of at least 1 year of full-time study in an eligible University in Ontario (For Master’s Degree Stream)

• Must have PhD Degree of at least 2 years in an eligible University in Ontario (For PhD Graduate Stream Only)

• Language proficiency must be at least CLB 7 on all four skills

• Must be a resident of Ontario

• Must have a proof of funds

• Must have the intention to live in Ontario

Prince Edward Island (Critical Workers, international Graduates, PEI Express Entry, Skilled worker in PEI, Skilled worker outside Canada)

• Have a full-time long-term job offer from a PEI employer on NOC Skill level 0, A or B where applicable

• Have at least 6 months work experience for a PEI employer

• Have a valid work permit and legal status

• Possess a minimum Education of Secondary Highschool (For Critical workers Only)

• Have completed a post-secondary degree or diploma from a publicly funded PEI post secondary institute (For international Graduates only)

• Age is between 18 and 59

• Can provide a minimum Language proficiency of CLB/NCLC 4

• Have proof of Funds

• Have an intention to settle in PEI

Prince Edward Island (100% ownership Stream, Buy or Sell a PEI Stream, Partial Ownership Stream, Work Permit Stream)

• A minimum net worth must be verified where applicable

• Minimum Education of Secondary Highschool equivalent

• Age is between 21-59 at the time of application

• Must have management skills or business ownership experience

• Can provide a minimum Language proficiency of CLB/NCLC 4

• Have an intention to settle in PEI

• Must sign an agreement with Province and submit a deposit, where applicable

• Must meet the terms and conditions of the Performance Agreement signed with the Office of Immigration

Saskatchewan (International Skilled Worker Category)

• Must have a job offer for Full-time, permanent employment from a Saskatchewan employer with NOC level 0, A or B

• Can provide a minimum Language proficiency of CLB/NCLC 4

• Must be able to provide proof of Education (Certificates, Transcripts, Professional licenses etc.)

• Must have minimum 1 or 2 years paid work experience for the last 10 years, where applicable

• Must be able to provide proof employment, where applicable

• Proof of Funds, where applicable

• Proof of relation to a close relative living in Saskatchewan, where applicable

Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Experience Category, Saskatchewan Experience Category, Entrepreneur)

• Have been working is Saskatchewan for at least 6 months with a valid work permit

• Have a permanent full-time job offer from Saskatchewan Employer with NOC level 0, A or B

• Job offer must be from the NOC occupation, NOC 8431: General Farm Worker, NOC 8432: Nursery and Greenhouse Worker (For Semi-Skilled Agriculture Farmers)

• Have been working full-time as a Physician, nurse or other health professional (For Health Professionals Only)

• Must have a valid work permit through an LMIA for the following occupations: NOC 6513 Food/Beverage Server, NOC 6711 Food Counter Attendant/Kitchen Helper, NOC 6731 Housekeeping/Cleaning Staff (For Hospitality Sector Project only)

• Must have a SINP-approved Saskatchewan trucking firm and have a current Saskatchewan Class 1A license (For Long-Haul Truck Drivers Only)

• Must have proof of graduation from a recognized post-secondary educational institute in Saskatchewan and have a valid post-graduation work permit (For Students only)

• Must have at least a Canadian Secondary School Education or equivalent

• Have a valid SINP Job Approval Letter

• Have a minimum language score of CLB 4

• Have proof of eligibility for Saskatchewan licensure

• For Entrepreneur, entry criteria must have a minimum net worth of $500,000, have a minimum of 3 years of relevant business management or entrepreneur work experience, have intent to invest a minimum of $300,000 in Regina and Saskatoon or minimum if $200,000 in all other Saskatchewan communities and have a business plan

• For Farm Owner and Operator, must have a net worth of $500,000 and a deposit of $75,000, must do a mandatory visit in Saskatchewan, have knowledge and experience in farm operation and a Business plan



  • Quebec has its own and unique immigration streams that cater to their economic needs. Their requirements and prerequisites are built uniquely and is separate from other immigration steams.
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