Agri-Food immigration Pilot Program

Agri-Food immigration Pilot Program

To be able to address the labour needs of the agri-food sector, a 3-year pilot program with an industry-specific approach will be launched, particularly in meat processing and mushroom production.
Pilot program will be available on March 2020
If you are currently working in the professions listed below, you might be eligible to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada.

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For meat product manufacturing

– Retail butchers (NOC B 6331)

– Industrial butchers (NOC C 9462)

– Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers (NOC B 8252)

– Food processing labourers (NOC D 9617)

For greenhouse, nursery and floriculture production, including mushroom production

– Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers (NOC B 8252)

– Feneral farm workers (NOC C 8431)

– Harvesting labourers (NOC D 8611)

For animal production, excluding aquaculture:

– Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers (NOC B 8252)

– General farm workers (NOC C 8431)

Here are the criteria to be Eligible:

• Must have at least 1 year full time, Canadian work experience in the occupation listed above in the last 3 years

• Must have a genuine Job offer from an employer

• Must have proof of Language ability of at least CLB/NCLC 4

• Must have at least Canadian High school diploma or equivalent (for foreign credentials an Educational Credential Assessment must be acquired)

• If you are not currently working in Canada, proof that you have enough funds to support you and your family when you arrive Canada. You will need to have at least 50% of the “Low Income Cut-off” for the year.

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